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Gua Sha Stone


 | Anti Aging |

A traditional eastern Asian practice, Gua Sha is a relaxing process performed on the face, neck, and décolletage with the assistance of a facial oil to relieve tension, detoxify, instantly lift the face, and leave you glowing.  

Starting at the top of your neck move the stone gently down the neck at a 15° angle draining the lymph nodes.  From there, working from the inside of your face out in upward strokes and using a facial oil for glide apply light pressure over the contours of your face towards your hairline.  Repeat each section e times being sure to hold the stone at the hairline for a few seconds before repeating the movement.  Once you have worked the stone over your entire face go back to your neck and starting at the top repeat your starting movement to drain the lymph nodes.  For your décolletage, work from the sternum outwards towards your arms.  Using a facial or body oil for glide use light pressure and a 15° angle remembering to drain the lymph nodes on each side near each underarm. 

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