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Eossi Beauty Gives Back

Here at Eossi Beauty, we believe in the power of nurturing not just our customers but also the broader community. For every bottle of our body oil sold, we donate to the Realm of Caring Foundation, an inspiring non-profit organization that's reshaping lives through research, education, and advocacy in the world of cannabinoid therapies.



Realm of Caring, established in 2013, is an instrumental advocate within the cannabis industry. They extend their support to anyone seeking information about cannabinoid therapies, aiming to normalize transformative, plant-powered treatments through innovative research, education, and global community connections.

Their dedication to the principle that quality of life is paramount aligns with our own values at Eossi Beauty. Their work not only uplifts individuals and families seeking better health, but it also provides an invaluable resource for healthcare providers and the broader hemp and cannabis industries.

The impact of Realm of Caring:
  • Over 72,000 clients worldwide have received one-on-one support, thanks to their efforts.
  • Their active advocacy has helped pass cannabis legislation in 22 U.S. states.
  • Their Observational Research Registry, filled with insights from more than 4,000 participants, is fueling the advancement of understanding in the field.
Image of a hemp leaf that is being held up in front of a hemp field during sunset


By choosing our Athena Brightening Body Oil, you're choosing to be part of this transformative journey. Your purchase enables us to support Realm of Caring in their impactful work, bridging the gap between personal wellness and global wellbeing.

Join us in this mission. Embrace self-care with Eossi Beauty and make a difference in a cause that's changing lives. Every bottle sold brings us one step closer to a world where knowledge and resources for improved quality of life are accessible to everyone.

For more information about the incredible work they do, or to make a donation head to their website.