Product Testing

 At Eossi Beauty we strongly believe in using only natural ingredients and the best hemp-derived CBD for our products. Don’t take our word for it though, let the tests speak for themselves.  

Each product we sell has been tested by a third party testing lab. The test results for your product are shown on the Certificate of Analysis (COA), which lists the cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBDA, THC, THC-a, THC Delta-9 etc.) in your product, the percentage of each and whether it contains any pesticides, heavy metals, or microbials. You will notice every product will have a homogeneity test while other products have a full panel of tests done.

We only do a full panel test the first time we use a new batch of hemp derived CBD oil. Our oil is tested throughout each process. We have COAs from the farmer who produced the hemp, lab distilling the oil and then ultimately once it is in our products. Once we get our full panel test (heavy metals, microbials, and pesticides) using our newest batch of hemp derived CBD oil, and we know it is ND (non-detect) for pesticides, microbials and heavy metals, then we wont get another full panel test until we replace that ingredient. Every time we make a new batch of any product, using the same hemp derived CBD oil we already got a full panel test on, we will get a homogeneity test done. This test is to ensure the mixture is thoroughly mixed and has the accurate amount of CBD in it. We know the oil is clean but we can't know for sure that the right dosage is in there unless we get a homogeneity test. Every batch of CBD oil is a little different. The hemp may have come from a different supplier, so it is always good to make sure when you first start using a new batch of hemp derived CBD oil as an ingredient that it is clean and has been tested throughout each step of the process. These parameters are important for understanding the quality of the product you are buying. 

The COA we provide for homogeneity ensures that the mixture is consistent for each batch. It will tell you what percentage of the mixture is either CBD or other cannabinoids mixed equally throughout the product. To evaluate the test results, first look for the batch number of your product.  This can be found on the back or bottom of your bottle. This number is unique for each batch (i.e., every time we make more product).  Once you find your bottle's batch number, click the corresponding link below and it will open up your COA/s. If you want to learn more check out our CBD education page, send us an email, or give us a call. We have also created videos, which you can check out on our YouTube page. Compliance is very important to us and we are always happy to talk with you about it!

Match your batch number and click on the corresponding link:






We use Botanacor Laboratories as our third party testing lab. To find out more feel free to visit their website here. You can also head over to our CBD education page to learn more.