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Our Potion #s

You may be wondering why are products are numbered the way they are. Well you are not crazy, they are not in order. There is a method to our madness. Eossi Beauty was built on meaning. Everything we do in our company has a meaning behind it. For example our name comes from the Greek goddess of Dawn, Eos. Everything else in our company has a goddess theme, but we’re all for Gods as well! Let’s not get off track though…back to the numbers.
#8 Facial Glow Oil-This was our first product ever formulated and boy was it a long process. We really took our time with this one. We had 13 plus formulas that we tested and the 8th one was the winner! It leaves your skin feeling velvety soft and glowing like the goddess (or god) you are.

#14 Athena Oil Brightening Body Oil-Our number 14 was named for the 14 formulas that we tested. Out of 14 formulas this was the last formula we adjusted. We had found the winner! Just like Athena herself, our body oil will give you a goddess worthy glow for your entire body.  

#9 Hygeia Balm summer nights-This was named the #9 because of numerology. As 9 represents completion. This product was our third product and completed our first 3 products, which was a huge accomplishment for us. We were very excited and found it only fitting to call this one the #9.  
#30 Hygeia Balm Winterfreeze -This one was named for our owner and founder Shannon. Her birthday is August 30th (if you were wondering, yes she’s a Virgo!).

#3 Aphrodite Cleanser-Our Aphrodite cleanser is #3 to represent the day our company was created back in 2020, which was 4/3.

#4 Nyx Under Eye Cream-this product was numbered 4 because of the month in which EB was established. While the cleanser # represents the day, the under eye cream # represents the month. We officially created our company on 4/3/2020.


If you have any questions about our numbering system, or about our company in general please feel free to reach out to us via the contact us page or send us an email to info@eossibeauty.com.
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