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How to protect your skin in the cold winter months?

How to protect your skin in the cold winter months?

You may have noticed that the colder months bring a bout of dryer skin. It gets itchy, and flaky and it feels like not matter how much you apply moisturizer, you just can’t seem to combat your dry skin. Here are a few things you can do to protect your skin health during the dry winter months.
A proper skincare routine: It is so important to have a proper skin care routine, but it is especially important in the harsher weather i.e., the cold. You may already have a go to skin care routine but adjusting it to the weather is important. Your skin may be a little more sensitive in the colder months so you may need to simplify your routine. Make sure you are using products with natural ingredients and for sensitive skin make sure your products are fragrance free.
Anytime you are bathing, showering, or washing your hands make sure you apply moisturizer afterwards: You are stripping your skin of its natural oils every time you cleanse. Since those oils are vital to your skin health and hydration it is important that you replenish your natural oils to prevent dry skin. Make sure that you have a moisturizer on hand that works. Keep a small bottle in your purse when you are on the go. We are impartial to our oils but that is for another blog. Make sure your moisturizer is hydrating and doesn't dry you out further.
Not bathing or showering in hot water for too long: While it can be nice to take a hot shower in the colder months, taking hot showers for long periods of time can actually dry your skin out. When your skin is exposed to hot water for too long, it can strip your moisture barrier a lot quicker than if you use lukewarm water. Once you get out of the shower try to pat dry your skin instead of vigorously rubbing it, which can also strip the skin barrier of those beautiful natural oils.
Overnight Serum: As you adjust your skin care routine to the colder winter months, adding an overnight serum is something to consider. A good serum can help retain moisture in the skin barrier and kick that dry winter skin. We are a big fan of Naked & Thriving Renew Resurfacing Night Serum, which has hyaluronic acid in it and feels oh so nice on the skin. Adding a hydrating face mask to your routine is helpful as well if you are not a fan of using night serums.
Wear a Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen EVERY DAY: It may be tempting to ditch your sunscreen in the winter months. Just because you see the sunlight for less time during the day, your skin can still get damaged from sun exposure. Especially if you spend a lot of time in the mountains, because you are closer to the sun. Wear sunscreen year-round. It is so important because harmful UV light can stress your skins moisture barrier and cause sun damage. Bottom line is protecting your skin from the sun!
Humidifier: Use a humidifier in the dryer winter months. It is so important to add as much moisture as you can into your daily routine, which means adding humidity while you sleep. Make sure to close the doors to the room you’re using it in, so you can keep the humidity in your space. You can buy larger humidifiers. They will tell you the size of the room they can humidify, so make sure you pay attention to that.
Using Oils instead of water-based products: Our skin is made up of natural oils so when we deplete those oils because of harsh winter weather or really hot showers we need to replenish them. Using oils can help you stay hydrated for longer than most water-based moisturizers can. Always keep moisturizer on you or near you so you can immediately replenish hydration to your skin any time you are washing your hands.
Not using scrubs or harsh cleaners: Since our skin is already sensitive in the cold weather adding a scrub or exfoliant to the mix can strip your skin of its natural oils causing it to dry out. You should be changing your skin care routine through the seasons and the winter season is one where you avoid the scrubs. You can get back to that in the summertime. If you do want to do a scrub, just do it less often, and try to find one that is a little gentler on the skin. Always make sure to moisturize afterwards.
Wear protective clothing when you go outside in the cold months: You may be one of those people that checks the weather before you go outside and thinks "meh it's not that cold". But even if it is a little cold wear gloves, a hat, and long sleeves. You can still get sun damage from the sun in the winter and the dry air on your skin can dry you out. Also wear gloves when you do the dishes since your hands will be in the hot water for an extended period, which as we know can really dry out your skin and deplete your natural oils. Especially if you have a lot of dishes to do.
Protecting your skin year-round is so important. As you get older you will thank your younger self for taking care of your biggest organ. In the meantime, if you are wanting a little extra hydration, check out our oils, which will keep you hydrated from head to toe.

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