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"One whiff of Facial Glow Oil #8, Eossi’s debuting product, and you’ll feel like you’ve been inducted into a face-potion secret society—that is to say, it’s delightful. Eossi Beauty co-founders Shannon Kaygi and Rochonne Sanchez just might be the potent entrepreneurial duo poised to take on the exponentially expanding—and increasingly competitive—CBD beauty market."
"We do believe there are scenarios when a brand or individual needs to be called out for their behavior, and we’ve seen many instances recently where the communication has been completely tone deaf."
"Eossi Facial Glow Oil has a very light fragrance that will not irritate your sense of smell. You are able to get the hints of the rosehip and jasmine that are just delightful, but nowhere near overwhelming."
"Indie luxury brand curates skin-loving ingredients like argan oil and 1,000 mg CBD to glow up a natural beauty routineEossi Beauty, the newest indie beauty brand creating affordable luxury plant-based products, officially launched its brand on International Self-Care Day and announced the first product drop: Facial Glow Oil #8."
"‘Facial Glow Oil #8 was made with love and intention, for the glow-getters who want a go-to product that actually works,’ says co-founder Rochonne Sánchez."

"Two female entrepreneurs out of Colorado launched the brand after nearly a decade in the hemp and cannabis business to create an attainable price-point and high-quality, high-concentrate CBD face oil."


"We wanted to deliver a CBD product that beauty lovers can trust, and we are so excited to continue bringing thoughtfully crafted products to the beauty market,” said Shannon Kaygi, co-founder and Chief Brilliance Officer."

"“Not only do we want to educate people about the benefits of CBD and hemp in general through our platform, but we’re also excited to be a part of this consistently growing million dollar industry and movement toward federal legalization and regulation,” Kaygi said."