Thank you so much for trying our Facial Glow Oil! We hope you love it as much as we do and have the chance to purchase a larger size. Head over the to the product page to get your very own today!

This small bottle is 10ML, but still packed full of 200MGs of CBD. That means for every dropper you get 20MG of CBD.  

We tested 13 formulas when we were perfecting our Facial Glow Oil - it needed to be the perfect balance of highly effective ingredients and beautiful sensorial experience that would capture our attention time and time again. Our #8 was the perfect harmony of our favorite skin care actives: Moroccan Argan Oil for its deeply moisturizing qualities, Grapeseed Oil for smoothing acne and preventing future breakouts, pressed Rosehip Oil for reducing redness and inflammation, Vitamin E Oil for smoothing fine lines, a splash of Coconut Oil to serve as a carrier, and 1000MG of full spectrum CBD Oil for a serious dose of antioxidants and anti inflammatory benefits. This combination gave us exactly what we were looking for - moisturized glowing skin that feels like velvet.

But it's not only these ingredients that keep us coming back - every detail counts. Deliciously blended, our proprietary scent profile of Frankincense, Myrrh, and specially extracted Jasmine all natural essential oils creates a subtle and luxurious bouquet completely unique to the #8. This specific combination does more than smell divine - each of these oils works to further relieve dry, irritated skin for that perfect sunlit glow by promoting cell turnover and neutralizing free radicals.


Suggested Use: Gently pat product onto face and neck in an upward motion, careful to avoid the eye area.
All our packaging is 100% recyclable and eco friendly.

For every bottle purchased we donate to Food Bank of the Rockies. Check out our Eossi Gives Back page for more information. 

WARNING: The safety of this product is not determined. This product is intended for external use ONLY

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