Facial Glow Oil #8


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We tested 13 formulas when we were perfecting our Facial Glow Oil - it needed to be the perfect balance of highly effective ingredients and beautiful sensorial experience that would capture our attention time and time again. Our #8 was the perfect harmony of our favorite skin care actives: Moroccan Argan Oil for its deeply moisturizing qualities, Grapeseed Oil for smoothing acne and preventing future breakouts, pressed Rosehip Oil for reducing redness and inflammation, Vitamin E Oil for smoothing fine lines, a splash of Coconut Oil to serve as a carrier, and 1000MG of full spectrum CBD Oil for a serious dose of antioxidants and anti inflammatory benefits. This combination gave us exactly what we were looking for - moisturized glowing skin that feels like velvet.

But it's not only these ingredients that keep us coming back - every detail counts. Deliciously blended, our proprietary scent profile of Frankincense, Myrrh, and specially extracted Jasmine all natural essential oils creates a subtle and luxurious bouquet completely unique to the #8. This specific combination does more than smell divine - each of these oils works to further relieve dry, irritated skin for that perfect sunlit glow by promoting cell turnover and neutralizing free radicals.

Size: 50 ml  

CBD content: 1000 mg CBD/20 MG per dropper

Ingredients: Argan Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, CBD, Frankincense, Myrrh, Jasmine

**For every bottle purchased we will donate 8 meals to Food Bank of the Rockies for families in need. Check out our EOSSI GIVES BACK page to learn more about Food Bank of the Rockies.

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Product Reviews

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Pure Magic
Written by Courtney P. on 17th Jul 2021

I am in love. I’ve been using this oil for 3 weeks and it has already eliminated my acne, de-puffed my tired eyes, and kept my face hydrated in the process. It is so luxurious, I love putting it on each day. It smells wonderful, too! I wish I could give this more than 5 stars.

So gentle
Written by Cristina Rotundo on 10th Jun 2021

I tend to get very nervous when I begin using anything "oil" on my skin because I am prone to breaking out on my forehead and chin. I have been so so pleased with how gentle Facial Glow Oil #8 has been on my face. It is just so lovely to apply once I determined the right amount to apply on myself. It just feels natural--the absorption, the glow and the weight. Makeup applies so nicely over top as well. I am a HAPPY gal! lol.

Facial Glow Oil #8
Written by Alex B on 25th Aug 2020

This product is incredible! I have very dry skin and this oil gives me the boost my skin needs every morning with the added bonus of helping with redness. I highly recommend it!

Fantastic Moisturizer
Written by Courtney Triebelhorn on 18th Aug 2020

I’ve been using it daily for 3 weeks and I love how it makes my skin feel. It absorbs quickly with no after feel. I would highly recommend this product!

Facial Glow Oil #8
Written by Debi S on 10th Aug 2020

Possibly the best Beauty Oil, I've ever tried. After only 2 applications I could see an improvement in my skin texture and fine lines. The fragrance is amazing, as well

Oily Skin Saver
Written by Dev on 9th Aug 2020

I have crazy oily skin, and if you know about skincare, facial oils are great for oily skin. I love this product! I use it morning and night with a jade roller. It's so great and smells fantastic!

Love the facial oil!
Written by Alison Goodhart on 7th Aug 2020

This facial oil leaves your skin feeling moisturized but not greasy at all. It blends well with my concealer and has a great floral scent! It truly makes my skin glow and keeps it moisturized in my dry Colorado climate!

The ultimate glow up
Written by Alex on 5th Aug 2020

The oil is packaged beautifully, and for the amount you’re getting, it’s incredibly affordable. It’s lightweight, yet ultra moisturizing without leaving a greasy film. As someone who is pretty scent sensitive, I found that the essential oils are actually quite calming and don’t bother me at all — very subtle and earthy. I love it! My pores don’t feel smothered, and I haven’t had any issues with breakouts. I actually wake up with my skin feeling petal soft which is a huge win considering I have an inflammation disease that causes lots of dry patches. Definitely a game changer in my skin routine.

New favorite facial oil
Written by Kendal Banks on 25th Jul 2020

I’ve been looking for a new facial oil and was so excited to try this! It’s a perfect weight moisturizer that keeps my skin hydrated without feeling oily or greasy. On extra dry days I add a few drops to my facial lotion for an extra moisture boost. So happy to have found a great oil that doesn’t clog my pores and am excited to start adding CBD into my facial care routine!