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CBD is becoming more and more mainstream but what does CBD mean and how is it produced? Are there different types of CBD?

CBD itself is short for cannabidiol, which is one of the many cannabinoids, or chemical compounds found in the Cannabis plant. When we see the abbreviation CBD in the market most people don’t realize that it is just one of many cannabinoids found in the beautiful cannabis plant. There are multiple different cannabinoids, and multiple different ways to extract them. There are 4 main types of raw materials used in CPGs.


The first is what we call “crude”. Crude is typically the first run of extraction. It has a lower percentage of total cannabinoids but a higher amount of total THC (including THC-A and THC-D9). Usually, this type of product is winterized and decarbed, which removes all the fats and lipids, making it a cleaner product and helps improve palatability. Some companies will use Crude in their consumer products, which can include more cannabinoids, and terpenes, and some think this can have more of an effect on the body. This better effect can sometimes be referred to as the “entourage effect,” which is defined as “the theory that various compounds work together to create unique effects and benefits” according to Leafly.


You can think of hemp distillation similar to alcohol distillation. You must distil and refine the hemp plant to get it to its purest form, although there are many forms of distillation within cannabis. As you refine the oil further you have what we call distillate. “Full-spectrum” (FS) distillate is a fuller spectrum of cannabinoids. This oil will also give you more of an entourage effect. Typically, FS oil has a higher percentage of CBD, and a lower percentage of the other cannabinoids, but overall a higher percentage of total cannabinoids than crude oil.


To take that distillation one step further you have what the industry calls “Broad-Spectrum” or “t-free” oil. Broad-Spectrum is a fuller spectrum of cannabinoids, less the THC, which is why we also refer to it as t-free. A lot of companies use t-free oil in their products so there aren’t trace amounts of THC. This is what we use in our products. We like having a more full range of cannabinoids, so you get a more diverse range of benefits.


Lastly the purest form of the hemp plant is Isolate. Isolate is just one cannabinoid isolated to 99%+ pure and is in a powder form. You can isolate CBD, CBN, CBG, THC-A, etc. The most common isolated cannabinoid is obviously CBD. There has been little research done to tell us what exactly these cannabinoids can do, but there are benefits of each, a lot we still don’t even know about. This product used to be very expensive, but over the last couple years, the price of CBD as a raw ingredient has continued to drop significantly, which has not necessarily translated to the consumer. We are hoping over the coming years that companies will start to drop their prices as the raw ingredient itself becomes more affordable, therefore making the hemp plant and all of its cannabinoids more accessible to the average person.

Regardless of which form you consume, there are many benefits to taking CBD. Obviously, much of those benefits are still unknown. Ensure your dosage is enough. I typically start with 15-20MG per dose, whether it’s topical or ingestible. Read the COAs (Certificate of Analysis) and make sure the companies you purchase from are legitimate. While compliance is so important, and most people are doing it right, there are still some companies that aren’t. Do your research before you purchase and consume CBD products and if you have any questions, please always feel free to reach out to us. We love talking about all things CBD, especially compliance!


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