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Savvy Skincare Shopping: Our Safety Tips for Selecting CBD Beauty Products

Savvy Skincare Shopping: Our Safety Tips for Selecting CBD Beauty Products
By now, it’s been established that CBD is a beauty ingredient that’s here to stay. Its benefits have been well documented, and the market for CBD-infused products continues to expand.
However, a question we still get asked often is: how do I know if the CBD I’m using on my skin is safe? This is a totally fair inquiry that applies to any formula or ingredient you’re considering implementing in your routine.

But speaking to CBD specifically, the Eossi team has become pretty well-versed in the particulars, and we’re happy to share some tips to help you make a smart purchase. Here’s what we recommend:

Tip #1: Check for Certificates of Analysis
Up front, when shopping for a CBD product, the most important thing you’re going to want to look into is something called a Certificate of Analysis (COA). It’s a must in the CBD industry, and what ensures that a product has been certified by a third party laboratory. All CBD ingredients used by a brand should be tested according to this unbiased method in order to determine their exact cannabinoid content and profile.
Any reputable brand will be forthcoming with their COA testing status, so consumers can confirm that what’s listed on the label is what’s actually in their product. To keep things transparent, you’ll find Eossi’s COA details on their own page here.
Tip #2: Investigate the ingredients
Knowing the CBD makeup of your skincare formulas is a good place to start, but beyond that, it’s never a bad idea to dig a little deeper to find out what else the CBD oil is blended with. In order to increase the efficacy of a product, or target other specific cosmetic concerns, hemp oils are often blended with other ingredients that can vary widely.
Some brands choose to focus on other botanical oils and extracts, whereas others will use various synthetic ingredients, depending on their formulating philosophy. Therefore, it can be helpful to do some research and truly understand a product's overall intention if you want to know whether or not it aligns with your preferences or applications.
Tip #3: Read the reviews
Reading about other users’ firsthand observations via the reviews is another valuable approach to learning more about how a product works and what it does. Reviews can usually be found on a brand’s website or through Google reviews, and it’s one of the easiest ways to gather some unbiased information.
Because today’s consumers have the option to leave no holds barred feedback, they’re more likely to share all the pertinent details about what they liked and disliked, and tend to be a reliable gauge for the experiences of the collective.
Tip #4: Sample or patch test products before proceeding
So, now you’ve done all of your investigative homework and you think you’ve picked out your perfect CBD product. What comes next?
One more strategy that’s very much worth employing is taking these new formulas for a test drive. We recommend patch testing on a small area of your skin before you commit to any CBD product. Patch testing is a very common sense way to try out any new item before you add it to your routine, making sure that it’s perfectly safe for your skin. We know that skincare is an investment, and Eossi offers trial sizes of our most popular products, so that you can sample a small amount first, and test the waters of CBD skincare.


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