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Natural Oils From Season To Season

Natural Oils From Season To Season

When integrating new products into your everyday routines it’s important to know how to use them for all four seasons. Winter can be cold and dreary filled with higher winds and icy roads which is contrasted by the heat of summer that can make your skin perspire the more you move.

In Autumn the leaves begin to fall in reaction to the cold approaching and in Spring there is a freshness that blooms as the warmth is brought back.

Natural oils are great products for your skin throughout all seasons because of their lightweight nature that acts as a layer of protection that locks in your moisture. These are products that are a must-have staple in your skincare routine especially as the different seasons change the nature of your skin.

These are consistent products that will leave you looking clean and luminous no matter the weather. 


1) Winter

In Winter, dry skin is extremely common when the cold becomes more familiar. Generally, skin is able to keep itself partially moisturized through the bodily oils produced, this acts as hydration for the skin. In the colder months, though, the skin barrier is weakened and can cause dehydrated conditions that can lead to other issues such as itching, and peeling. It will restore the moisture that has gone missing and hydrate your skin even during its exposure to the cold. Oils can help rejuvenate weather-damaged skin and this coincides with reducing the signs of aging. 


2) Spring

In Spring, the weather is adapting to a fresher season where the gardens are in full bloom and the February jackets have been traded in for flowy dresses and cardigans. However, in Spring, there is still a bit of rain that falls in order to help mother nature blossom. Therefore when taking care of your skin during these gloomier Spring days make sure to keep an umbrella and your natural oil on you. In case your skin is exposed to downpours, ensure that you have your favorite oil ready to reapply. Keeping your skin healthy and happy in this transitional period is important. 


3) Summer 

In Summer, it's no surprise that our skin can quickly become irritated due to the heat. An overproduction of perspiration leads to water loss from the body, which can cause dehydration. In Summer you get longer and hotter days. The humidity can cause excess perspiration and can contribute to specific types of breakouts such as heat rashes and sweat pimples. Natural oils are a skin soother and can help with reducing acne. This is one of the most important seasons to use these products. And remember to always apply sunscreen!


4) Autumn

When Autumn rolls around the weather starts inching closer to cold while the days get shorter. There are signs of more rain and wind. New ventures such as school, internships, or jobs begin, which can add an extra level of stress and can cause breakouts. It's important to continue using oil in your Autumn routine as oils will soothe your skin, making it look and feel stronger. 


Now that you’ve got a better idea of how and when to use oil in your daily skincare routine throughout the year, we invite you to keep glowing, soft, and glimmering skin all year long, using our Brightening Body Oil and Facial Glow Oil.

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