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Introducing Natural Oils to your Makeup Routine

Introducing Natural Oils to your Makeup Routine

The interest in natural oils for everyday use is rising, particularly in skincare. With its anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin, self-care has never been easier. As it becomes a consumer need there are also attractions surrounding the incorporation of oils into your makeup routine. 

For that, we’d say choose your makeup the way you choose your skincare! 

The skin is one of the largest organs in the human body and it acts as your protector and barrier from the outside world. There is absolute importance that is attributed to skincare and this includes the products you use in your makeup routine. The properties of natural oils can help makeup products formulate a creamy texture that allows smoother applications. This is the extra care your skin needs. 

Natural oils are full of nourishing ingredients with high levels of vitamins and fats that can strengthen each part of your body. For the face, this added layer of protection will act as another moisturizer that will hydrate your face and neck to keep your makeup looking dewy and hydrated all day and night. Oils can also give your skin a glowy aspect that makes your appearance more unified and coherent. 

When it comes to lips, oftentimes these are the part of the face that requires the most moisturization. As we shift from cold or dry weather, to extreme sun exposure there will be frequent dehydrations that chaps your lips and can cause some discomfort throughout your day to day. On top of that, we can often have lip products such as lipsticks, lip stains and glosses, that harbor ingredients that are infused with chemicals or unnatural components. Therefore using natural oils frequently and before the application of your lip makeup will keep your lips looking and feeling fresh. Mixing it with your colored products will also enhance the dewyness providing your lips with a beautiful and hydrating range of hues and shades. You can also find certain balms that have natural oils in them already. Check out Eossi Beauty’s Hygeia Balm and feel your lips and skin revitalize.

As the day winds down, the makeup must come off and makeup removers become the next step. With natural oils, you will be offered a delicacy that is not only working effectively in protecting your skin from harsh removers such as wipes but also one that nourishes and soothes your skin to the maximum.

The incorporation of natural oils in your makeup routine will not only enhance your beauty but also contribute to the self-care of skin surfaces. It’s important when choosing your makeup, that none of it irritates you. With natural oils, you can expect to get the best use out of the properties they offer: a skin that is left hydrated, glowy, and healthy. 

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