I couldn’t have been older than eight the first time that I snuck into my mothers bathroom and stole her mascara. The pink tube of Great Lash mascara was too enticing to resist and I knew that if I could take that beautiful black liquid and apply it to my blonde eyelashes that I would surely be the most beautiful girl in the world.

It’s interesting what makeup can do for your confidence. It can change the shape of an eye or the length of your lashes. It will make your cheeks rosier, your lips poutier, your brows bolder - it’s almost like magic the way that it can transform how you’re feeling inside by making slight enhancements to the outside.

Being a little girl I didn’t quite understand what it meant to wear makeup. I just knew I wasn’t allowed to, which made me want to do it even more. I would look up at my mom, in her 20s with that perfect curly, thick, late 80s, early 90s hair; gorgeous, confident, moving through life in a way that I couldn’t quite understand yet knew enough to be in awe of. You see not all moms moved like her and in my 9 year old brain it was definitely the makeup that made her shine.

My mom was a busy woman. As a single mom with two children, age nine and three, and a full-time job she definitely had her hands full. However, they weren’t too full to notice the seven coats of Great Lash mascara that were now coating my very very blonde eyelashes. Thankfully, I believe she understood that by digging in her makeup bag I was really just looking to experiment with something new. She told me that I looked absolutely gorgeous but she made it very clear that nine wasn’t quite old enough to wear mascara and so off that gorgeous pink tube of great lash went. Occasionally, in the hope that she wouldn’t notice, I’d sneak a quick swipe. If she did, she was kind enough not to say anything.

Once I hit 13 I was finally able to start wearing makeup - with permission. Don’t be fooled, that’s not to say that I wasn’t sneaking makeup into my backpack and out of the house so that I could apply it in my carpool on the way to junior high. I’m sure there are photos somewhere of me with orange foundation on. However, once I was finally allowed to wear makeup it became significantly more fun to play with. This was the 90s - it was thick foundations and bold eyeliners and dark lips. I wanted nothing more than to look like the girls I saw on MTV. Makeup became this opportunity for me to present myself in a way that I couldn’t necessarily do with where I lived, with the person that I was at the time. Makeup gave me confidence that made me feel invincible.

My love for makeup has only grown since I was that nine-year-old girl stealing mascara out of my mom's bathroom. My collection is extensive and I've acquired some pretty decent skills over the course of my makeup experience. I’ve been involved in a beautiful relationship with makeup for 28 years. However, it wasn’t until I hit the age of 35 that I started to realize that makeup truly could be just an enhancer and it wasn’t a necessity for me - at least not any longer.

It hit me in that moment that it wasn’t my mom putting on mascara or blush that made her shine, it was the love that she had for herself, for her daughters, for her life that brought that gorgeous glow out of her. It was interesting for me to look back on that as a 35-year-old woman and really acknowledge that there’s so much more to confidence than just what lives on the outside.

As a mom myself I think of my own mom and look to her example to encourage my daughter to play with my make up to her heart's content. She is a phenomenal artist and it’s a unique opportunity for me to show her that while I can’t paint on a canvas like she can, I can absolutely paint on my face and that I can represent my mood or even set the tone for my day by doing a bold eyeshadow look or putting on a red lip. Makeup isn’t a necessity for me anymore but it’s absolutely part of who I am. I love the ability to change my mood with a swipe of something pretty on my face, but I’m finally in a place at 37 where I can where I can confidently say, “I wear makeup for me; for no other reason than I can.”


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By Rochonne Sanchez

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