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One of our biggest goals for 2021 is getting by while using less. Our Chief Executive Officer, Shannon, thinks there’s definitely something to be said for having a few products that can multitask like Leslie Knope. So in the spirit of using less, and for the sake of our storage limitations, we want to share with you the 10 products our oil line can replace in your bathroom right away!  

1. Micellar Cleansing Water

This cleansing water is great for removing makeup after a long day, however it requires you use disposable cotton pads to apply and can often take more than one to complete the job.  Not ideal if you’re trying to limit the amount of waste you produce.  

Replace your micellar cleansing water or the first step in your cleansing routine with our Facial Glow Oil #8 or Athena Oil #14 by warming a dropper or pump of oil in your hand before gently rubbing on your face or wherever you’ve applied makeup. Not only will feel like a mini facial massage, but it also saves you the extra dryness that comes from cleansing with soap based products or the waste produced by disposable makeup remover wipes.  Simply use your favorite facial towel or reusable cleansing pads (Rochonne swears by these from Face Halo) to gently wipe the makeup and oil from your skin. 

2. Facial Moisturizer

Our founders, Shannon and Rochonne, have completely stopped using cream based moisturizers in their skincare routine.  They have found that the Facial Glow Oil #8 provides all the moisture their dry Colorado skin needs!  Pro tip: Follow your oil application with a jade roller or gua sha massage to really work the product into your skin.  If you’re short on time a quick facial massage with your fingers as you work the oil in will feel absolutely amazing.  

3. Body Lotion

The Athena Oil #14 was created specifically to help you get rid of those lotion products stacked up under your bathroom sink.  It felt like our founders were always on the hunt for the right moisturizer that didn’t leave them greasy or standing nude in their bathrooms for 20 minutes waiting for it to absorb enough to put their clothes on or with a scent so strong it smells like they took a stroll through a rose garden before arriving at their destination so they did what Shannon and Rochonne always do when faced with a problem - they created a solution.  The Athena Oil #14 absorbs quickly, is packed full of broad spectrum CBD, features the perfect blend of skin loving botanical oils, and has the perfect scent profile to awaken your senses yet subtle in it’s bouquet. 

4. Lip Balm

Our dry air in Colorado combined with our almost year round outdoor activities can make for some pretty dry lips.  It’s not uncommon for us to have a desk chapstick and a purse chapstick and a car chapstick and a “by the bed” chapstick and a… you get the point.  However, we’ve found that by doing a quick sugar lip scrub (we love this one from Lush) and then gently massaging a drop of our Facial Glow Oil #8 to our lips right after we're done exfoliating our lips are staying moisturized throughout the first few hours of the day or throughout the night.  Rochonne has actually completely stopped using expensive sleeping lip masks. Reapply as needed!

5. Lipstick Base

There’s something so powerful about a bold, bright lip that lasts all day.  However, if you’ve ever worn an all day matte lipstick you know how drying it is on your lips!  We tried using the Facial Glow Oil #8 as a base under our lipstick one day as a whim and there’s no going back!  A drop of the oil onto your finger is all you’ll need to then gently pat the oil onto your lips.  The oil absorbs quickly allowing you to move on to your lipstick application and will leave your lips feeling hydrated under your lip products.  

6. Hair Oil

Our founders have long been fans of argan oil in their hair; both having naturally wavy hair and living in a dry climate things can tend to get a bit unruly without the right products, but we found that our Facial Glow Oil #8 is surprisingly effective on your hair!  Not only are the ingredients also good for  hair, but the scent profile is so lovely yet subtle.  We even use this as both a hydrating oil treatment at the scalp before shampooing and a smoothing, hydrating oil on our hair either before or after styling. 

7. Facial Highlighter

We are ALL ABOUT that GLOW here at Eossi Beauty and while testing the Athena Oil #14 we noticed a gorgeous light catching glow was left on our shoulders after the oil had fully absorbed so we decided to test the effectiveness of replacing our typical cosmetic facial highlighters with just a hint of the Athena Oil #14 and we were thrilled with the results!  One pump of your oil on the back of your hand is all you’ll need.  Taking your ring finger lightly dab the oil on the back of your hand and apply by gently dabbing onto the desired areas.  Rochonne recommends your cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow, and collar bone for maximum glow.  When the sun catches those spots... **chef’s kiss.**

8. Bath Oil

One of our favorite ways to relax is a hot bath surrounded by candles and great music pumping into our headphones.  Nothing makes the world melt away faster.  In our testing phase we discovered that by adding 2-3 pumps of our Athena Oil #14 to our bath water left us emerging from our soak feeling silkie smooth and very relaxed - even before we dried off and applied our Athen Oil #14 to our skin.  A real game changer for us!

9. Tattoo Refresher 

We are big tattoo people at Eossi Beauty, what with our Founders having some very cool pieces of their own and the overall ability to uniquely express one’s self through the art they choose to permanently wear, that we made sure our oil line would give any tattoo a nice boost in pigment and shine. No special tricks here!  Simply apply the product as you normally would being sure to hit those awesome tattoos! Try out our Hygeia Balm as well for some extra hydration on your tattoos.

10. Massage Oil

This final tip is for the lovers in the room.  Our oil line is made to absorb quickly while providing glide, making it the perfect oil to use for a great massage after your partner has had a long day.  Just be sure to keep it above the waist. *wink wink*.

Looking to learn more about how Eossi Beauty can help you GLOW? Visit our Products Page: Here


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