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Easy skin care routine when you're on the go

Easy skin care routine when you're on the go

Whether you have dry, oil, or combination skin, your skincare routine steps don’t have to be complicated. Sometimes you only have 5 minutes or less to show your skin a little bit of love. Our 5-step skincare routine is perfect for those mornings when you’re stressed for time, and won’t cost you a pretty penny either.


Start with a quick cleanse. Cleansing morning and night is so important for your skin. I have sensitive skin that is easily irritated so I stick with a light oil cleanser with a warm water rinse. I love Eossi Beauty's Facial Glow Oil #8 because it’s strong enough to melt away skin impurities and makeup, but gentle enough to keep my skin soft and clear.


From there move to a quick splash of your favorite face essence that you’ll gently tap onto your face, neck, and chest. We can thank the Korean beauty industry for gifting us with the magic that is face essence. Not to be confused with toner, a face essence has a lower molecular weight than most creams and sets the stage for deeper penetration into your skin. I am obsessed with SK-II's Pitera Essence and it’s one of the few products I will treat myself to. Don’t be deterred by the price though, there are some really great Korean skincare companies that have a face essence product available for an affordable price; Hanskin's Hyaluron Skin Essence is one the one I go back to over and over.


At this point you’re two minutes in and ready for your eye cream. The bags under my eyes are fairly impressive and my Grandmother has told me on more than one occasion that I should keep spoons in the freezer so I can de-puff, but honestly who has the time to sit with spoons on their eyes these days? For de-puffing and an instant eye wakening effect my go to eye cream is The Inkey List's Caffeine Eye Cream. For those of us who suffer from dark circles they also offer a Brighten-I Eye Cream. Not only are their products formulated really well, they’re also unbelievably affordable! (Hello face essence obsession, I see you.)


Time to moisturize. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and the environment you live in has a major impact on the overall health of your skin (as does what you put into your body so here’s my friendly reminder that water is your best friend when it comes to healthy, glowing skin) and I live in Colorado, which is dry pretty much all year. I prefer facial oils as moisturizers, which have shown to protect, hydrate, and deliver a strong dose of nutrients to your skin. Using a full dropper of our Facial Glow Oil (of which I am head over heels in love with - the scent - OMG) you’ll drop the oil directly onto your face, neck, and chest working in sections. Gently pat the product into your skin in an upward motion. If you’re going to rub the oil in, which you can, just be sure to be very gentle and never tug or drag. Your facial skin is delicate, treat it as such. Once you’ve completely patted the oil into your skin, grab your chilled facial roller or gua sha stone and work that oil in even deeper. Keeping your roller or stone in the refrigerator will leave you feeling like you’re giving yourself a mini spa treatment and work further to wake up your face.


Finally, it’s time for sunscreen. If you’re not wearing sunscreen daily please start immediately. Sun damage in the number one contributor to skin aging. Check with your dermatologist or general practitioner to get their recommended SPF for your skin, but I prefer an SPF 40 as I burn very easily with minimal sun exposure. Super Goop's Glow Screen will give you a subtle shimmer while giving you great sun protection.


Everyone’s skin is different, which means you might have to play around with your skincare routine to see what is best for you. Try different products for your skin type and see what your skin responds to versus what it doesn’t. It’s always a good idea to consult with a dermatologist beforehand, especially if you have prior skin issues or super sensitive skin. At the end of the day, you want to find a skincare routine that works best for you.  And remember!  It takes about 28 days for your skin cells to completely turn over so STICK WITH a new skincare product for at least 4 weeks to give your skin time to fully adjust.  


Eossi Beauty embraces the power of clean and pure botanicals. Derived from nature, our uniquely effective beauty products are created by two women driven by one purpose: to make life brighter—because we all deserve to feel as good as we look, naturally. Our affordable products are carefully formulated with sustainably sourced and thoroughly vetted ingredients, such as plant-based essential oils and broad-spectrum hemp cannabinoid oil that’s independently lab tested for quality and purity. 

Looking to learn more about how Eossi Beauty can help you GLOW? Visit our Products Page: Here

By Rochonne Sanchez 


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