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The Benefits of Rosehip Oil for your Skin

The Benefits of Rosehip Oil for your Skin

Could rosehip oil be the perfect superhero for skin in distress? If you take a moment to consider all of its potential benefits, it certainly seems that way. Keep reading for the full scoop on an incredible botanical that’s part of our ingredient A-team.


The Origin Story: Where does rosehip oil come from?

Rosehip oil, also sometimes called rosehip seed oil, is derived from wild roses, and more specifically from the fruit of these roses, which can be found under the petals. The small seed-like fruit pods produce a richly colored, nutrient-dense oil, which can be extracted, and is what is used in cosmetic formulas.


The most common way of obtaining rosehip oil is using a cold press process, which helps preserve its composition of essential fatty acids, beta carotene, and antioxidant vitamins.

As you may already know, these nourishing elements have many benefits for the skin. But to break it down further, here are some of the skincare superpowers that can be attributed to rosehip oil as an ingredient:


Superpower #1: Healthy Aging

For fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity, rosehip oil addresses signs of aging with a potent one-two punch of Vitamins A and C. Because the retinoic acid is a natural precursor to Vitamin A, Vitamin A acts as a natural alternative to retinol and can help stimulate cellular rejuvenation. Meanwhile, Vitamin C is known for its ability to support healthy levels of collagen in the skin.

Superpower #2: Acne Management

Similar to the ways in which rosehip oil prevents signs of aging, it can be a powerful ally in fighting breakout activity by encouraging cellular turnover, and there’s even some evidence to suggest it can help in preventing acne scarring. Additionally, because rosehip oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it may be effective for calming breakouts by reducing redness and irritation.


Superpower #3: Brightness Boosting

The antioxidant properties of rosehip oil can also come to the aid of anyone looking to reduce the appearance of dark spots, discoloration, or an overall dull complexion. Because antioxidants are what fight free radical damage, experts say that consistently incorporating ingredients like Vitamin C is key for cultivating a radiant and luminous glow.

Superpower #4: Moisture Promoting
Another amazing attribute of rosehip oil is its ability to deliver hydration to the skin and lock in vital moisture. This is thanks to all of the fatty acids found in rosehips, including omegas 3, 6, and 9. When applied to the skin topically, these help replenish dry skin, and support the skin’s protective barrier without clogging pores.

Superpower #5: Allover Smoothing and Softening

If all of the above sounds like good news for your facial care routine, some even more exciting news is that rosehip oil can be used as a body oil, to promote even tone and texture, as well as smooth, supple skin. Some studies have found that when used in body care, rosehip oil has benefits for preventing and minimizing the appearance of stretch marks. For this reason, we feature it in Eossi’s Athena Brightening Body Oil in addition to our Facial Glow Oil.





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