Why You Should Care About What's In Your CBD Product

Why You Should Care About What's In Your CBD Product

Published by Shannon Kaygi on 20th Oct 2020

When I first discovered Cannabis like any other high school or college student I basically was buying a bag of whatever we could find at whatever price was determined. I honestly never thought about what was in it, or how it was grown. However, times have evolved, and we now have the ability to know what is actually in our cannabis products. How is it grown? How is it processed? What is potency and how is that determined? All of these questions are very important. Would you go to the grocery store and buy blank boxes of food, and hope for the best? Cannabis like any other product is going in or on your body and it should matter what is in it.

Why CBD Potency Matters

The first thing I want to touch on is the amount of CBD in your product. I see new CBD brands coming to market every day. I stare at the bottles and the websites and it is not always clear to me the amount of CBD in those products. The CBD content is extremely important, so why is it not clearer? And a bigger question would be do you as a consumer know or even understand what that means? Not a lot of people do, so if you are answering “no” you are not the only one and if you thought “yes” then you are ahead of the curve.

To break this down when you buy a THC edible you are told to dose low and go slow, but a typical dosage for someone who regularly eats edibles would be 10-25MG per serving. Now for some people it takes that, plus more, to even feel anything, especially for some medical marijuana patients who take higher doses. Everybody is different so the way your body processes it may be different than the way my body processes it. I personally can get knocked out with about 10 MG. I have friends who can take 50+ MG and be totally fine. With CBD, I typically take 20-30 MG per day. In general, you may feel a difference in your body but still be clear headed, so it is possible for the average person to take 20 MG of CBD daily and function.

Now let’s talk about a topical. When you use a topical (THC or CBD) for your arthritis, your face, your body, or whatever other reason you choose, a common CBD content is about 200-500 MG per 30 ML bottle. It is rare to see topicals above 750 MG. Basically, you would divide the MG dosage into the size of the bottle. Let’s take (for example) 250 MG and divide that by 30. That would mean you get 8.33 MG per dose, which would be a full dropper. Chances are if you are using a topical, you are only using half of the dropper, so your dose is actually closer to 4 MG. Now if you are using a cream or lotion out of the bottle it would be hard to say exactly how much CBD is going onto your skin. Just because there is CBD in your product does not mean you are getting any actual benefit of CBD. Now if you take a 1000 MG bottle and divide that by 30 (ML) that is a 33.3 MG dosage. If you use half the dropper you would be getting closer to 15 MG and much more of a benefit than just 4 MG.

Why a COA Matters

Due to the lack of testing on CBD and its benefits it is hard to say what the perfect milligram dosage is. I would say if you are going to buy a CBD product make sure you actually look into that product. Is it made with a full spectrum oil or broad spectrum (I will save this explanation for a later blog)? Does it have THC? What is the dosage and what is the total CBD content of the bottle? Where was it made? How is it made? Is there testing on it? Is there heavy metals and pesticide tests or just potency? Is the COA (Certificate of Analysis) you are looking at for your product telling you about the CBD isolate used to make your product or the actual homogeneity of the CBD in your product (another subject I will save for a later blog)?

Hemp is an amazing plant. One of the most amazing things about the Hemp plant is it can clean soil. Hemp has the ability to absorb heavy metals and contaminants from the soil. In fact, after Chernobyl scientists and a company named Phytotech, which was known for phytoremediation, began to grow industrial hemp around the abandoned site. They quickly realized that it was one of the best phytoremediation plants they had ever found. Now translate this to your product. If there are heavy metals or pesticides in the soil, which the hemp was grown in to create the oil going into your product those heavy metals and pesticides will be in your product, and in turn, in or on your body. With pretty packaging, and a COA attached that you as a consumer may or may not even know how to read, companies are getting away with selling products for a higher dollar amount because they can put “CBD” on the front of the package and the average consumer won't question it. Please be careful about what you purchase and do your homework on your products.

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