Small Business Appreciation: Our Favorite Local Brands

As a small business ourselves, we are all about supporting the businesses surrounding us in any way we possibly can. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that showing support for the people and things you care about is so important and can really go a long way. With that said, we’d love to spotlight a few of our favorite local businesses that you can support as well!

Prosavvy Administrative Services

Devonee Thaxton of Prosavvy Administrative Services is truly one of the most empowering female entrepreneurs we know. Through her business, Devonee and her team work hard to provide entrepreneurs with the strategies and plans of action needed to make their wildest dreams come true. They are truly committed to providing their clients with tailored structures that are unique to them in order to reach their personal maximum level of performance.

If you want to learn more about Devonee and her work with Prosavvy, head to!

Tayler Ward Photography

Tayler Hammond is the owner and mastermind behind Tayler Ward Photography. Tayler is a genius behind the camera and always knows how to get that perfect shot. He has a unique capability to tell stories through photography alone, and will always make you feel good about yourself during the process. Tayler truly believes that photography is “the magic keyhole to a world of beauty” and he learned how to hone his craft with his multiple years of experience.

If you’re local to the Denver area and want to work with Tayler on your next project, click here!

Wish Gifts Denver

Wish Gifts is definitely our favorite gift store in the Denver area, and there’s a reason why - they’re awesome and they always have such a great selection of products! They’re all about being your next favorite place to find the perfect gift for anyone in your life, from your mom to your best friend. You can even shop our oil at their store here!

If you’re local to the Denver area, make sure to check them out! You can find their full gift selection here!


Founded by styling consultant and all-around fashionista, Anne Marie Leibman, SheStylesCO is all about living the life you love and representing that through your own unique fashion sense. Anne says that when she moved to Colorado in 2014, she absolutely fell in love with the unique combination of the outdoor lifestyle and the urban edge of Denver and it inspired her to translate that into helping people find their fashion sense!

If you’re interested in what Anne has to offer, check out her services and packages here!

About Eossi Beauty

Eossi Beauty embraces the power of clean and pure botanicals. Derived from nature, our uniquely effective beauty products are created by two women driven by one purpose: to make life brighter—because we all deserve to feel as good as we look, naturally. Our affordable products are carefully formulated with sustainably sourced and thoroughly vetted ingredients, such as plant-based essential oils and broad-spectrum hemp cannabinoid oil that’s independently lab tested for quality and purity. Every day, our founders Shannon and Rochonne are living the Eossi Beauty ethos: create your own dynamic energy, cultivate love, and let your beauty shine.

Come hang with us! You can find us on social @eossibeauty or send us an email at! We can’t wait for you to join our #GlowFam!