How to Feng Shui Your Bathroom

How to Feng Shui Your Bathroom

Published by Shelby Lavery on 17th Dec 2020

When you think of the phrase “feng shui” your mind probably isn’t immediately drawn to your bathroom, but that’s exactly why we’re writing this article! If you’ve been feeling the need to organize your bathroom or if you’re in a redecorating mood, you’re gonna want to stick around for this one!

What is Feng Shui and Why Is It Important?

According to The Spruce, feng shui is the “practice of arranging the pieces in living spaces in order to create balance with the natural world. The goal is to harness energy forces and establish harmony between an individual and their environment.” The practice of feng shui is closely related to Taoism which takes into account the balance of nature and its five elements, including water.

Considering that feng shui is all about the flow of energy in different places throughout your home, you definitely want to consider the energy in your bathroom, as this is a place where many of us start and end our day. Bathrooms are a place where we can relax, reset, and rejuvenate, so by bringing in some elements of feng shui into this space the bathroom can be a place where you actually want to be.

Tips for Bringing Feng Shui Elements Into Your Bathroom

There are many different ways to bring elements of feng shui into your bathroom, but here are some of our favorites.

Water Conservation

We all know that conserving water is a good thing, but according to The Spruce, “thoughtfully conserving the water that you use in the bathroom creates good energy.” To achieve this, try taking shorter showers, fixing leaks when they occur, or installing devices that save water, such as a new faucet.

Closing the Toilet Seat

No one likes walking into a bathroom and immediately seeing the toilet seat up, but keeping it closed is actually a little-known feng shui secret when it comes to the bathroom. By doing this, you’re also cutting down on humidity and moisture in the bathroom, which “keeps mold and mildew at a minimum.”


We’re not sure about you, but here at Eossi Beauty we’re absolutely obsessed with plants. By simply placing a plant or two in your bathroom, it brings that nature element indoors as well as improving the overall feng shui of your bathroom.


This one’s for all of our beauty and skincare lovers out there. This is your sign to go through your products and get rid of the ones you haven’t used in months (or maybe even years - it’s okay, we’re not judging you). All beauty and skincare products can expire, so making a habit out of regularly going through them can save you from potentially using an expired product.

Clean It Up

No one likes a dirty bathroom right? Make sure you’re regularly deep cleaning your bathroom with environmentally-friendly, non-toxic products - there’s plenty of them out there! Keeping your bathroom clean will make you feel a whole lot better, trust us.

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