Eossi Company Culture: As Told By Our Social Media & Operations Manager, Shelby

Eossi Company Culture: As Told By Our Social Media & Operations Manager, Shelby

Published by Shelby Lavery on 28th Sep 2020

I joined the Eossi Beauty team last August after meeting with Shannon and Rochonne at a coffee shop in Boulder, Colorado and I know that I had found my “place.” I was a little nervous before meeting them for the first time because I had minimal social media experience and I was afraid that they would see me as an almost-college grad who had yet to find her calling, but I was completely wrong. While I was waiting for my coffee, Shannon walked in the door and immediately walked right up to me and started talking to me. She thanked me for meeting her and Rochonne, asked me how I was, and how my day was going. She was super friendly and excited to meet me, and I felt instantly welcomed.

After chatting for a bit, Rochonne showed up and I immediately knew that I would fit right in at Eossi Beauty. Shannon and Rochonne are the perfect duo and they made me feel extremely welcomed to the team. The fact that Eossi Beauty is a female-founded company in the cannabis industry is what initially drew me in, but both Shannon and Rochonne’s upbeat and spunky personalities is what made me want to stay. Both of them are very strong-willed women who know what they want, so I constantly feel grateful that they decided to bring me on to the team. They obviously saw something in me that they wanted to pursue, and I couldn’t be luckier to be a part of a team of two badass women, now three badass women!

My first experience with managing social media was through an internship I had last summer with a marketing startup in the cannabis industry. Although I didn’t intend to continue in the cannabis industry, Eossi Beauty pulled me back in and Shannon and Rochonne continued to foster my love for the industry as a whole. For me, Eossi Beauty combines my love of the cannabis industry with my intrigue for better beauty and skincare products. With Eossi Beauty launching in late July, I feel so lucky and grateful to have been part of the pre-launch process and to have taken part in all of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans. Shannon and Rochonne have put complete trust in me with social media strategy and they have supported me along the whole way. They genuinely care about me and how I’m doing and whenever we have a call, it feels like I’m just talking with my girlfriends at happy hour. They have created a culture at Eossi Beauty that is supportive, fun, and motivating and I feel grateful everyday that they chose me to be their Social Media & Operations Manager.

I am genuinely filled with excitement to see where Eossi Beauty goes in the future, and I feel lucky to be a part of something that I know will be successful. Watch out world, the three musketeers are coming for you!

About Eossi Beauty

Eossi Beauty embraces the power of clean and pure botanicals. Derived from nature, our uniquely effective beauty products are created by two women driven by one purpose: to make life brighter—because we all deserve to feel as good as we look, naturally. Our affordable products are carefully formulated with sustainably sourced and thoroughly vetted ingredients, such as plant-based essential oils and broad-spectrum hemp cannabinoid oil that’s independently lab tested for quality and purity. Every day, our founders Shannon and Rochonne are living the Eossi Beauty ethos: create your own dynamic energy, cultivate love, and let your beauty shine.

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