A Beginner's Guide to CBD & Crystal Healing

A Beginner's Guide to CBD & Crystal Healing

Published by Shelby Lavery on 3rd Nov 2020

We’re sure you’ve heard the term crystal healing being thrown around recently, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. People are looking for alternative ways to heal themselves, relieve stress and anxiety, and to just slow down. Spirituality and crystal healing is something that has recently fascinated me in the last couple of years, and more recently I have been more intrigued by crystals and their potential healing powers. After pouring over lists of crystals and their associated healing powers, I started wondering how I could pair crystal healing with CBD (cannabidiol).

CBD and Crystal Healing

The way that I have found most beneficial to me when combining CBD with crystal healing is through meditation. There have been many studies that suggest meditation can help with a variety of ailments including high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. According to Harvard Medical School, “CBD is commonly used to address anxiety,” which is why I personally love pairing the two together. Part of my ritual when working with crystals and other types of healing stones is meditation, and I find that if I take some CBD beforehand, it is easier for me to slip into that meditative state, therefore enhancing the healing properties of the crystal I am currently working with.

The official definition of crystal healing is “an alternative medical technique in which crystals and other stones are used to cure ailments and protect against disease.” Crystal healing is also based around the idea that “crystals act as conduits for healing - allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative, disease-causing energy flows out.” Crystal healing properties are different depending on which stone you are working with, so knowing the properties of each is very important.

Some of my favorite crystals to work with are:

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is widely known as the crystal of universal love. According to Tiny Rituals, this healing crystal is associated with both the heart and throat chakras and is often used to heal communication with loved ones, develop deeper bonds with those in your life, and bring more elements of self-care into your own life. Some of the physical healing properties rose quartz is said to hold are:

~ preventing thrombosis and heart attacks

~ improving the circulatory system

~ strengthening heart muscles

Some of the mental and emotional healing properties of rose quartz are thought to include:

~ helpling the heart heal from pain or trauma

~ calling more love into one’s life

You can use this stone in multiple ways, but if you are looking to invite more flirtation and love into your life, try carrying it around in your pocket or somewhere else on your person. If you are experiencing negative self-talk, try placing your rose quartz near your heart until the stone is warm to the touch. Focus on loving self-talk and positive affirmations during this time.


When you think of jade, you probably think about the little jade trinkets, or jade jewelry such as necklaces and rings, but jade has recently started popping up in skincare, as it is being used in Gua Sha tools and other forms of facial treatments. According to Ruk Sandra, the use of jade in skincare “dates back to the early 17th century, when the Chinese elites of the Qing dynasty used it to ‘heal and soothe’ themselves.” According to Charms of Light, this stone is a symbol of serenity and purity as well as serving as a protective stone. Some of the physical healing properties of jade are thought to include:

~ aiding the body’s detoxification and filtration system

~ helping with kidney and adrenal function

~ balancing bodily fluids

~ assisting with fertility and childbirth

Some of the mental and emotional healing properties of jade are thought to include:

~ increasing love and nurturing

~ protection from harm

~ stabilizes the personality

~ soothes the mind and releases negative thoughts

~ stimulates ideas

~ aids in emotional release, irritability in particular

If you want to try jade out for yourself, try adding a jade roller or Gua Sha tool to your skincare routine, or carry a small piece of it with you as a token of luck. When using this stone in meditation, try imagining who you are now and how you can transform into you who want to become.


According to Ruk Sandra, amethyst is often referred to as the “Meditation Stone” as it is thought to clear self-doubt and qualms about “stepping into our full power.” It is also thought to be the bridge between our concrete reality and the divine, as the meaning of amethyst has been long associated with spirituality as a whole. This stone is also strongly associated with the third eye and crown chakra. According to Tiny Rituals, amethyst has been used for its healing properties since 25,000 B.C. and was used by everyone from the Egyptians to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Some of the physical healing properties amethyst is said to hold are:

~ immune boosting

~ aiding with insomnia and getting deeper sleep

~ helping with migraines

Some of the mental and emotional healing properties of amethyst are thought to include:

~ balancing emotions and encouraging a calm mind

~ increasing courage

~ aiding in decision making

~ increasing intuition

~ help in awakening the third eye

~ reducing any negative energetic influence and thoughts

This crystal is also said to be great for clearing away any emotions that are not serving you in a positive way, such as moodiness, lethargy, anxiety, or nervousness. If you are looking to include this stone in your collection, try holding it close to your heart or hold it up to your third eye area during meditation.

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