10 Questions with Rochonne Sanchez, Eossi Beauty Chief Glow Officer

I recently got to sit down with our co-founder and Chief Glow Officer, Rochonne Sanchez and have a conversation about her role in the company, what she was doing before Eossi Beauty began, and her hopes for the future. You certainly don’t want to miss this one, so settle in, get comfortable, and get ready to learn all about Rochonne’s journey.

Shelby: Let’s take it back. What were you doing before becoming the co-founder and Chief Glow Officer of Eossi Beauty?

Rochonne: It’s funny, because though I had a very successful 15 year career in banking I don’t really look at that as “doing” anything. It was a career, a great one, but really it paid my bills and felt like something I had to show up for everyday. It wasn’t driving forward my overall growth as a human or pushing me outside of my comfort zone. So I suppose before we founded Eossi Beauty I was simply getting by, day by day.

S: Why did you decide to join Shannon in building this company?

R: I had always known I had wanted to develop my own line of cosmetics, but I had absolutely no idea how to actually do that and really I didn’t believe that I could. I mean who just goes out and creates their own line of products? When Shannon and I met about a different business matter and she mentioned this dream of hers of creating a lifestyle brand that featured two initial signature products I was very excited for her, and a bit in awe in the courage it took to even have the dream, let alone to share it with a relative stranger. When a few months had passed and I couldn’t stop thinking about this idea she had I knew that I had to approach her about partnering. The worst she could say was absolutely not and that didn’t feel like reason enough not to see where her head was. To my genuine surprise and with forever gratitude she was into the idea of us partnering and we’ve been on this awesome journey together ever since.

S: What does the title of “Chief Glow Officer” mean to you?

R: I grew up in the corporate world, putting so much stock into my titles and their exact roles and responsibilities. I always felt like I was chasing that next promotion. Being an entrepreneur and running your own business is a completely different vibe - as owners it’s pretty clear to anyone looking in that Shannon and I were responsible for all things, wearing all the hats, and playing all the roles but we wanted titles that went along with our overall intentions so when it came to titles I wanted something that reflected more of the energy I was working to cultivate and that’s where Chief Glow Officer comes from. I want everyone who works with Eossi Beauty or buys our products to feel loved and supported in exactly who they are in that moment. I want them to KNOW that what makes them unique is what makes them shine so I set out to build people up, to show them all the ways that they’re special, and to help that awesomeness glow through in all they do.

S: What is the biggest lesson you’ve had to learn during your entrepreneurial journey?

R: Oh gosh, the hardest thing for me has been willing to admit that I don’t know everything. Honestly. For me to admit I don’t know how to do something or the best way to execute is almost painful. I pride myself on being a proactive problem solver, but as an entrepreneur you really need to be focused on the big ideas that are going to bring scalable growth and letting the experts in each segment work through the execution and that’s been a total mind shift for me.

S: Knowing your background in the financial hemp space, what is the biggest disconnect you see between brands and banks who wish to work with CBD companies?

R: Lack of education on both ends. Banks don’t fully understand the life cycle or supply chain of the hemp industry and the companies don’t understand why the banks need to know what they do. I consult in this space by helping brands to fully understand what their bank is looking for from them and how best to structure their internal financial operations to ensure continued risk compliance and I am working with banks to help them getter a better handle on the risk associated with the hemp industry and how to attract the right clients to their programs.

S: What do you love most about Eossi Beauty?

R: Absolutely everything. I love the sleepless nights and the shower cries and the daily 8 cups of coffee. I love getting to build this community alongside Shannon, a woman I respect and admire and love so much. I love the harsh truths I have had to face about myself. I love the products we’ve created and the vibe we’re cultivating. I love our cult following and our commitment to staying in that indie realm. I love sitting with the R&D team and telling them exactly what we’re wanting to get out of a finished cosmetic product and then testing and testing and testing with them until it’s perfect. I love the way my kids look at me when they see me hustling for us and the pride they have in using and telling people about our products. There’s nothing better than a tiny human I created telling a stranger that “you have to try my mom’s oil! It’s soooo good!” Eossi Beauty is a community and a family and I am so thankful for all the new amazing humans that it’s brought into my life.

S: What is the biggest piece of advice you would give to someone who is looking to build a beauty and/or CBD brand?

R: Research your space - know what consumers in that realm are looking for. Cultivate your brand voice and make sure it aligns with who you are as a human, how you represent yourself in everyday life. Be prepared to spend a lot on start up costs and be prepared for things, for lots of things, to not go well. This isn’t easy but if it’s truly what you want then I HIGHLY encourage you to chase that dream.

S: What are you most excited about for Eossi Beauty?

R: I am so excited to have our full cosmetic line fully developed and available for purchase. We self formulate all of our cosmetic and skincare products and that’s to ensure the end product is EXACTLY what we want it to be, that it’s a worthwhile purchase for our Glow Family and that they keep coming back over and over again. I’ve been dreaming of the perfect cosmetic line since I was 12 years old and to finally have the opportunity to be creating it is nothing short of magical. I am living my dream - how many people get to say that?

S: What is the largest mindset shift that you’ve had to make while building Eossi Beauty?

R: That perfection is a myth. It’s not even worth chasing because it’s so damn boring. I’ve had to learn how to live authentically in all aspects of my life - there’s no room for pretense any longer because we’re building something epic, we’re counting on each other to make something beautiful and useful, and we’re committed to ensuring that what sets us apart is our heart. The only way to do that is to own exactly who we are and how we’re showing up in our day to day lives.

S: How do you live your glow every single day?

R: With genuine love and intent for the collective every single day. I have bad days, a lot of them, but I want those around me to know and feel that my heart is open to them and that I am here to pour love and support and belief into them so that we can all live fruitful and exciting lives. This is our one shot at life and I don’t want to look back and feel like I wasted a second of it having been anything less than exactly who I am.

About Eossi Beauty

Eossi Beauty embraces the power of clean and pure botanicals. Derived from nature, our uniquely effective beauty products are created by two women driven by one purpose: to make life brighter—because we all deserve to feel as good as we look, naturally. Our affordable products are carefully formulated with sustainably sourced and thoroughly vetted ingredients, such as plant-based essential oils and broad-spectrum hemp cannabinoid oil that’s independently lab tested for quality and purity. Every day, our founders Shannon and Rochonne are living the Eossi Beauty ethos: create your own dynamic energy, cultivate love, and let your beauty shine.

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