10 Positive Affirmations to Start Your Day

Since it is the beginning of a new month, we thought we’d help you start it off on a positive note! Now we’re not going to sit here and pretend that a few positive affirmations will make you the most positive person on the planet overnight, but we do think that with a little bit of consistency and self love you’ll be able to improve your mindset for the better. We’re going to dive into the science behind a positive mindset and why daily affirmations are good for your mental and physical health.

The Science of Positive Thinking

We all know that negative self-talk is bad for our overall emotional wellness and has an awful impact on our mental health. According to many different studies, positive thinking can have an effect on our physical health the same way it can affect our mental health. One meta-analysis study that was conducted in 2004 found that negative or stressful events have the potential to change the functioning of our immune system. The study also found that depending on the type of stress a person experienced was correlated with their immune system functioning. According to Lisa Schnurr from Medium, “Acute time-limited stress such as public speaking or mental math, triggered an adapted boost of natural immunity that accommodates for the “flight or fight” response. Brief naturalist stressors such as taking an exam, resulted in a shift in immune system function that mediates and regulates immunity, inflammation, and the process through which the body manufactures blood cells.” Schnurr goes on to explain that the researchers found something very different when it came to chronic stress over a long period. The researchers noted that chronic stress “involves an endocrine response in which corticosteroids are released” and was found to trigger global immunosuppression (a “decrease of all functioning immunity”) across all demographics in the study.

There was another study conducted in 2016 that studied the effects of positive thinking in people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. The researchers specifically studied how “positive visualization could supplant intrusive negative thoughts.” The participants were placed in one of three groups:

  • “practice in generating mental images of positive outcomes to worry topics”
  • “practice in generating verbal descriptions of positive worry-related outcomes”
  • “practice in generating positive images unrelated to any current concerns”

The researchers found that in all groups, the participants had significantly less negative thoughts and “reported less worry and anxiety.” The researchers also noted in the study that “replacing the usual flow of verbal worry with any alternative positive ideation was the factor behind observed changes.” According to a research analysis conducted in 2005, in a study of 5,000 people “happiness was associated with comparatively better health as measured by health problems self-reported, such as missed days from work due to sickness and hospitalization, 5 years later.” It was also noted in the analysis that happier people are “less likely to engage in harmful behaviors such as smoking, unhealthy eating, and substance abuse.”

Why Affirmations Work

The main reasoning behind practicing powerful affirmations every single day is that it requires consistency for this mindset work to start taking effect. According to psychologist Catherine Moore, “positive affirmations require regular practice if you want to make lasting, long-term changes to the ways that you think and feel.” The main theory behind positive affirmations is the psychological theory called the self-affirmation theory, which was originally coined by social psychologist Claude Steele in 1988. This theory rests on the idea that we are able to “maintain our sense of self-integrity by telling ourselves (or affirming) what we believe in positive ways.”

There have been many other researchers who have studied this exact topic and have come to similar, yet diverse conclusions. Some of these findings include:

  • Self-affirmations have been shown to decrease health-deteriorating stress.”
  • Self-affirmation has been demonstrated to lower stress and rumination.”
  • They may help us to perceive otherwise ‘threatening’ messages with less resistance, including interventions.”

Affirmations to Improve Your Mindset

Now that you know the science behind positive affirmations, we wanted to share some of our favorite positive affirmations that will help you to improve your mindset:

I love and approve of myself just the way that I am.

I am focused on my breathing and I feel grounded.

I follow my intuition and inner strength to bring abundance and love into my life.

I am aligned and connected with the collective.

I have so much light and love to offer to the world and I am worthy of getting that in return.

I breathe in calm and exhale anxiety.

The universe will not give me anything I can’t handle and therefore I am strong.

I let go of anything that is not serving me anymore.

I choose happiness over sadness and allow myself to see the light.

Wonderful things are about to happen, I simply let myself open up to this abundant energy.

We sincerely hope that these affirmations help guide you down the path of positivity and we’re always here to help you in your journey!

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