About The Founders

rochonne sanchez co founder of eossi CBD beauty brand
Rochonne Sanchez, Co-Founder and Chief Glow Officer
Rochonne Sanchez brings more than a decade of experience in banking finance and managing high-risk liquidity assets for the burgeoning hemp industry to her role as Chief Glow Officer of Eossi Beauty and its line of skincare and cosmetic products featuring hemp-derived compounds and other botanical ingredients. She also brings a lifetime of passion about all things relating to health, wellness and beauty.

Ms. Sanchez oversees the company’s finance structure, supports product development and brand marketing initiatives, and establishes policies that align with company values. And as Chief Glow Officer, she energizes the company culture and spreads the word far and wide about healthy self-care routines for mental and physical well-being. 

Her background in finance includes pioneering work to provide banking solutions to America’s hemp industry and ensure companies of all sizes have access to necessary financial services in this sector, including agriculture, manufacturing and retail businesses. 

Ms. Sanchez specializes in compliance and regulatory requirements, and her experience includes consulting on bank treasury services and asset management for other high-risk industries and large mainstream corporations. Her banking tenure includes managing liquidity and mitigating operational, financial and reputational risk for a portfolio of 40 business clients to maximize their cash flow and improve operating efficiencies. 

When she’s not in the office, Ms. Sanchez is always on the go as a single parent with two active children. You’ll find them traveling together and exploring Colorado’s outdoors, where they enjoy hiking and camping.

Rochonne Sanchez, According to Shannon
Rochonne is one of the hardest working ladies I know.  She has two beautiful children, a corporate job, and Eossi. Needless to say she stays busy.  Rochonne works in banking and has been instrumental in aiding the hemp industry integrate into the banking system.  Banking has been very challenging for the cannabis industry in general, although with the legalization of hemp, it is becoming more accessible for the latter.  In Colorado, much of this is thanks to the hard work of Rochonne on the financial side of the industry, where she manages millions of dollars’ worth of assets on a daily basis.  Rochonne has expertise in financial regulations and is a part of the C.H.A.M.P. (Colorado Hemp Advancement and Management Plan) initiative in Colorado, which is helping to develop regulations for the industry.

Between the times Rochonne is working hard to build our business, she also finds the time to network, socialize and be a mom, all without seeming stressed. I have no idea how she does it, but she does it with grace.  Rochonne loves fashion and makeup.  She is always dressed to the nines, whether it’s meeting up for coffee, an investor meeting, a casual dinner or for a night out. She feels her best when she looks her best.  Some of Rochonne’s best qualities are loyalty to her friends and family, her compassion and kindness, her work ethic and her love for life. She is never afraid to admit when she is wrong and will always make it right if she is.  She genuinely wants to do her best every day for everyone around her. It has been an amazing journey over the last year thanks to having this beautiful woman by my side.
rochonne sanchez and shannon kaygi, co founders of eossi CBD beauty brand

Shannon Kaygi co founder of eossi CBD beauty brand
Shannon Kaygi, Co-Founder and CEO
Shannon Kaygi’s background in hemp wholesale, cannabis technology services, supply-chain management and entrepreneurship—along with her eye for identifying market opportunities for consumer goods and services—merged seamlessly together in the creation of Eossi Beauty. 

Ms. Kaygi plays a central role in product development and marketing initiatives, sets the company’s long-term growth strategy and benchmark goals, and oversees the rollout and expansion of Eossi Beauty’s line of affordable natural skincare and cosmetic products featuring hemp-derived compounds and other botanical ingredients. 

She also is the founder of SYK Holdings, a hemp wholesale network of vetted companies that manufacture compliant ingredients such as crude oil, CBD isolate, full-spectrum distillate, non-detect broad-spectrum distillate, smokable hemp flower and biomass. Ms. Kaygi grew SYK Holdings into a million-dollar business within a year of its establishment.

Her experience in cannabis and hemp industry compliance includes a management role in business development for Simplifya, a software firm that provides audit support to protect company licenses and investments. She also has deep expertise in retail customer relations, having served as a manager for national grocery chain Whole Foods early in her professional career, where she gained an appreciation for its strong company culture—something she has applied to her own businesses.    

A lifelong Coloradan, Ms. Kaygi graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a degree in International Affairs and Business. She enjoys travel and cooking, particularly Turkish cuisine that’s a part of her heritage, and spending time with her family.

Shannon Kaygi, According to Rochonne
When I went through my divorce four years ago, I swore I would never legally tie myself to another person again. Then one day I met this spunky blonde, with a black eye from an errant pole in a hemp facility, and strong opinions on a myriad of subjects.  From our first meeting I knew I had just crossed paths with someone very special.  We shared the same dream of a brand that would bring joy and luxury to other’s lives and which would offer quality products that did what they claimed.

I left our first meeting so thankful to have found a connection that could turn into friendship.  It took a few months of marinading on Shannon’s idea to work up the courage to ask to be a part of the brand she had been working on - to help her grow the dream, to stand beside her as we offered something that we created to the world, and to be her business partner.  I was willing to again enter into a legally binding contract with another person if it meant building Eossi with this amazing woman.  Shannon already had a successful company under her belt, built from her vast network and her extensive knowledge of the hemp industry.  She had a proven track record of success as an entrepreneur, which gave me confidence in building a partnership with her.

A wonderful sister, caring aunt, and beloved daughter, Shannon is the epitome of a soul that makes you feel loved and supported.  She won’t stand for those she cares about being down on themselves, and she’s the first person to step up and help people in need.  A lively extrovert, Shannon seems to know someone wherever we go.  To say that people are drawn to her would be an understatement.  I am so unbelievably blessed and honored that this amazing woman would choose me for a business partner.  She pours every ounce of herself into our brand, and I’m thrilled to be sharing this journey with her.
rochonne sanchez and shannon kaygi, co founders of eossi CBD beauty brand

rochonne sanchez and shannon kaygi, co founders of eossi CBD beauty brand